2024 marks our 10th year offering keepsakes..

How we do our 2D casting

Creating Memories only takes seconds, but will last a lifetime!

 After you have purchased your cast, you will need to book a 30 minute session so we can take the imprint.

The medium we use is soft Salt/Flour dough, and babys of any age can have prints taken. It takes a few minutes to prepare and if needed we will re-do over and over again until we get a good imprint. (Seven times is the worst we have had!) This is because baby's tend at the last second to screw up their hands into a fist and ruin the imprint!. A quick kneeding, rollout and we are ready to go again.

 The dough can leave a salty taste so best to wipe their hands afterwards.

We will then take more details and discuss finishes, framing etc, and then its a just a short wait of 10-14 days, before you can hang it on your wall.

There are several factors that create the longer than expected wait... mainly the weather! If it is damp, wet or cold the plaster cast we take from the mold can take several days to completly dry. It has to be 100% dry or the finish we add could, in time peel off, if there is still moisture deep inside the cast.

Once 100% dry, we will add the base colour and the accent colour you have chosen and if selected, we will the mount it into a frame ready for you to hang.

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