2024 marks our 10th year offering keepsakes..

Takeaway Home Kits

The success for us and customers has been amazing! The results far better than we expected and most of all our Customers LOVED them, and the results were fantastic. We believe that this maybe due to the ability to pick up and put down your projects, take a little longer and time to concertrate.

However we have still got quite a few kits not yet returned, and we feel that the old system did not give us full control, and a single deposit for any size kit was helping some people to return them in a timely manner!

It remains that we will NOT be charging for the kits, (you just pay for the pottery) but have adjusted the deposit system to reflect size and value of the new kits.

The New Take Home Kits come complete with brushes, pallet paint and writer bottles tops, are what we feel is a better kit, a proper kit, made for the purpose, rather than using what we had to hand!

The thing that is the same is our free service of adding rims, handle colour, and a name to any item. Simply include a note when returning the items.

We have Four Kit types:- each has a deposit payable with your order, and payment will be refunded if all parts are returned within 2 weeks.

£5/week will be charged for keeping the kit longer than 2 week, UNLESS you purchase more items to use it with. 

1) Baby Hand print Kit with 3 colours, (limited Choice to colours that work!), 2 brushes and 1 Writer Tip, a link our help page on taking baby hand prints and a sheet of our "Magic" Baby Hand Print maker.

2) Small Kit with 5 colours & 3 Writer Tips, 5 brushes & a pallet. Ideal for the smaller pocket money items.

3) Medium Kit with 10 colours & 5 Writer Tips, 5 brushes and a pallet.

4) Large Kit with 15 colours & 5 Writer Tips, 10 brushes and 3 pallet.

You can also make up you own kit and select the colours. This costs £2 plus £2/colour, and like the Small, Medium and Large kits are fully refundable on return.

We "hope" that the box is small enough to post through our letter box, thus meaning it can be returned on time to save extra charges.

We will be working on other methods of returning your items and kits, that is more flexible. The pottery?, may have to wait, but we plan to be in the studio on regular days and specific times every week as soon as we can.

Turn around times are also extended to 2 weeks from date of return. This will depend on the volume of items that need firing.

Enjoy your kit and we hope to be back to "normal" soon.

Mean while Keep Safe 

Barry, Kat and the Team.